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gunshots ring out in a d.c. neighborhood. bullts hit a d.c. home and 14- year-o. d rlgi thforls nkr s watching fox 5 ch midday news. i'm allison seymour. >> and i'm tony pe. that happened this morning in southwest d.c. sarah simmons has the details on our top story. >> reporter: the 14-year-old girl was just minding her business inside this house when bullets came flying into her back. she's alive and well, but neighbors say this is a symptom of a much bigger problem in the
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neighborhood. the side of the home is riddled with bullets, but not on the outside. the bullets came through th walls and her daughter just got out of the shower. >> and she had her towel on and sitting on her bed playing her game and the next thing i know she comes run in the rooming saying her back was burning and when i turned her over she had two bullet holes. >> reporter: 14-year-old jeanninea gaither is shaken but lucky to be alive. >> she's scared to be in her room. >> reporter: and share both scared -- they're both scared to be in the house, which has been hit before. >> i don't know what they're doing outside, but this ain't the first time that there was bullets coming through my house. >> reporter: neighbors say there is a crime problem growing here and told us of several burglaries this week alone. police have stepped up patrols
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in light of the crime spree. >> we begged for security for over two years. there was securitied when the houses went up, but they're not securing lives. >> reporter: newer homes dot the landscape but problems from the past still haunt those who decided to -- call this home. >> i can't understand. i live in the projects from the war zone for over $300,000. if we weren't in a recession, i would move tomorrow. iust can't. >> reporter: in the meantime, police have stepped up patrols to cry and -- to try and crackdown on a crime problem. sarah simmons, fox 5 news. now to a developing story. this scene one of seven fires in bass maryland -- damascus,
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maryland. karen gray houston is live with more. karen, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, allison. this is an usual scene. we're on woodfield school road. that hay bill is still burning. -- we're told this is part of great seneca valley park and there are three other fires just like that. all together four hay bail fires here in damascus. where we're standing, the 24,000 block of woodfield school road and right across the street from single-family houses. now 911 calls about the fires started coming in around 3:00 this morning. we are told they came from concerned residents in the area. we have some sky fox video to show you what it all looked
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like. investigators flood -- flooding the area because there were so many close together. the others in the 23,000 block of kings valley road and another one at mountain view road. a fourth hay bail fire at 9310 watkins road. now in addition to the four hay bail fires, officials say three mailboxes in damascus were set on fire. all suspicious, it looks like arson, but who would set the fires. >> at this time in the morning, the fires could have encroached on a home anpeople could have been sleeping, and there are no sprinkler systems outside of the home. this is a very serious situation. any fire is serious. >> reporter: just to recap, montgomery county firefighters on the scene of three hay bail
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fires, three mailbox fires. no motive and don't know who set the fires but they're looking into it. back to you. >> karen, thank you for that. and in other news, a construction worker is in the hospital at this hour, seriously hurt after falling down a shaft. it happened this morning at a building going up on k. street northeast. the man fell 15-20 feet from the 8th floor. fire and ems officials say debris also came down and that broke his fall. otherwise, they say, he could have done down 60-70 feet. well, can you see the haze yet? if not, just wait. hot and humid in the forecast today. >> the three of them like to hang out together. and tucker barnes has that and the latest on hurricane bill. >> thank you very much. got the update now. ximum windof 100 miles per
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hour and up over 105 with gusts and notice the eye is getting bigger by the hour. so the storm will continue to in tensefy, that's its forecast as thwiwater temperatures here off to the west and north and west are much warmer than they are currently. so it looks like this could be a major hurricane over the next upcoupof hours -- or the next couple of day at r. talk aboulocal wehe lweocal weather. we ah azyahot and humid. there you go. clouds out to e west. there is a cold front out there. the remnants of claudette yesterday are working into the mix. so we'll have the possibility of some scattered showers and thunderstorms in the forecast later today. temperatures getting hot. 85 degrees at reagan national. humidity 61%. winds out of the south and east at 5 miles per hour. count on the hazy, hot and humid conditions to continue this afternoon. we'll go with partial sunshine and again a few showers or thunderstorms in the forecast and a high temperature of 91 degrees. i'll have more details on our
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forecast and look closer at bill coming up. allison, back to you. tucker, i'll take it here. as the country continues to debate health care reform, target officials are targeting fraud. kathleen sebelius this morning spoke to the government's senior medicare patrol about the impact when the programs are taken advantage of. >> care seniors in this country is not cheap. the federal government this year, taxpayer in america, will spend about $425 billion on medicare and another $200 billion on medicaid. and any time that amount of money, $625 billion, is changing hands, you know that there are going to we people around who get their mits on some of that cash. >> and the obama administration has implemented additional
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resources to the problems including, the health care prevention enforcement action team known as heat. an experimental vaccine for swine flu is ready in weeks rather than months. it will not question approved here for years. so it cannot combat the epidemic, but the company for the vaccine is g other countries. and there is aset -- a setback to the vaccine that was supposed to be available in october. >> reporter: with children going back to school, officials warn there should be an uptick in the swine flu. >> we hope the schools don't offer the opportunity to spread and we'll have to watch it and see what happened. >> reporter: federal officials say there will be a delay in getting a swine flu vaccine out to the public. the government wanted 120 million dosed ready by mid-
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october but that won't happen. they're look at about 45 million doses instead. following that initial delivery, officials expect to deliver an additional 20 million doses a week until the goal of 195 million doses is fully realized. on the state level, health officials are saying all of the chips will be in place to better protect americans from this disease once the vaccine is available. >> i think we're doing a great job of getting ready and will be rea. >> reporter: those expected to be in the high risk group will be first and along with school age children and pregnant women and health care workers. young adults with conditions such as asthma are at the top of the list. adults over the age of 60 could be partially immune from the virus. scientists believe there could be exposure to the disease back in the 50s when swine was prevalent. in the meantime, experts are
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stressing that you not wait to get your flu vaccine. ainsley earhart, fox 5 news. virginia's governor says they have set up a hotline to answer questions about the swine flu during the state business hours. people who have questions can call 877-275-8343 or send emails to the website. > a fairfax county coach has been busted for soliciting sex from a child. authorities say gary debrill thought he was chatting on line with a 4-year-old girl who turned out to be a police officer. he's being held without bond. a developer accused of scamming 10 prince george's families out of hundreds of
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thousands of dollars for homes was sentenced today. he took deposits for homes on this land in largo. many of the families are in foreclosure without ever having broken ground. he's charged with 15 counts of theft and other violations. v-dot is delaying work scheduled to begin next work. the band market can't support the financing plan that is in place. the delay won't affect the hot lanes during construction on the catal beltway. cars with less than three people inside will be required to pay a toll. talk about going down to the wire. the nationals sign baseballs number one draft pick steven strasberg with not more -- much more than a minute before the midnight deadline for a $50 million deal. he is a right handed pitcher
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from san diego state and being held as a once in a lifetime prospect who could jump right to the majors. >> he could help. >> i hope so. caught on camera. this thief is after cactus. and today we know the answer to the question that has been plagued police for weeks. is this suspect a man or a woman? and a man tosses cash on to a los angeles eeway and go to and find why why under the off beat section. we're just getting started. meet us back here in two minutes. it's 11:12. 
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troops were killed and
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three others were hurt when a bomb wept in afghanistan. and there was also an attack in kabul. afghan's working for the u.n. are among the victims and the presidential consultant also hit and no one was hurt in that attack. a bomber is one step closer to a possible release or a transfer to a prison in his homeland of libia. the court today allowed him to drop an appeal of his conviction, but it still has to hear a separate appeal by his govement next month. he was convicted of taking part in the bombing of pan am flight 103 back in 1988 which killed all 2 passengers and 11 additional peoplon the ground. the russian navy has arrested eight men who hijacked a russian cargo ship on the high seas. the ship and it's 15 russian crew members were found safe on monday off the western coast of africa where it was supposed to
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dock two weeks ago. the suspected hijackers are nd without incident. the ship's crew reported it was raided by hijackers. and public confident seems to be dwindling and the present fights resistance from the right ring. >> his own party now has a problem with his health care plan. one point of contention, the public option part of the bill. republicans don't like it and as the white house appeared ready to drop it, some -- some demoats said no way. >> i'm not ready to write off the public option because there are people who are discouraged about it. >> health co-ops emerged as an alternative. and that's where companies band together to provide health insurance. and a new poll shows growing concerns on access to
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health care. according to the robert wood foundation, the confidence in the future of health care dropped 5 points in july. it had risen slightly -- slightly? june into the obama administration is apologizing for unwanted messages in your in box. online director is now clearing things up saying some groups outside of the white house had signed up members to receive regular updates about the president's projects, priorities and speeches. the white house does not send unsolicited e-mails. it is a busy day for the president. a series of meetings are lined up at the white house. the president is talking with the president of egypt in the oval office right now. and then off for a meet with hillary clinton. and later on the president will meet with bill clinton for a briefing on the former president's meeting with north korea leader kim jong-il.
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and the obamas plan to visit martha vineyard for their summer vacation next week. the president rented a 30-acre farm in massachusetts. some folks are excited and want to catch a glimpse of the first family and some are hoping cash in on the arrival. >> when the president comes everybody goes crazy, so it's good news and bad, but it would be neat to meet him. >> i think it's exciting to come here. i think his girls would have fun here shopping and going out to the vin ward -- vineyard and have fun. >> it stimulates the island and we need it because the island is hurting. >> this will be the first visit to the vineyard since the election. one week since the disappearance of a disabled 5- year-old in california, police are searching for hausony
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campbell. the man said he wanted to unlock the store door to make it easy for the -- the little boy to get inside and then he was gone. a cactus thief is on the loose in a arizona neighborhood. >> but one homeowner caught he tssuct on tape. we have the story. >> reporter: lori green's front yard is filled with cactus. >> it took four guys to plant the cactus. >> and one little old lady stole it. since january of 2008 she's taken ten desert plants from lori' yard. >> it's shocking to see someone in the middle of the night digging up your cactus. >> reporter: it is estimated
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she stole $1,000 worth of cactus. she caught the thief twice on tape. she pulled up to lori's home. here she is again digging up a barrel cactus this time like a pro. >> scooped then um with shovels and goes back to her car or truck and gets a carpet remnant or towel and grabs them and off she goes. >> reporter: lori is hoping the surveillance tape will make her cactus thief think twice before she hits the yard again. >> someone will catch her and somebody knows her. >> reporter: cactus thief, you've been warned. >> she's somebody's nana, is what she is. diane ryan reporting. lori believes the woman is selling the stolen cactus. i don't like that part. >> if i was her attorney, i would say she's sleep walking. she didn't know she was doing it. >> right. >> it's a good try. we know where and when the king of pop will be laid to rest and michael jackson's mother is considering filing a
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lawsuit. who she may sue coming up. and plus think it's too early to think about christmas shopping. why one retailer says no and what they are doing to sto help get ready. much more ahead this morning. don't go anywhere.
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welcome back to what's cooking, everybody. and today, a d.c. area favorite, chef jeff's restaurant is here with us. this is chef dan far ber. chef is from the relatively new tysons corner location. how long? >> about 7 weeks. >> really new. how is it going? >> it's very busy. and we have a wonderful out door dining experience that everybody loves with happy hour and specials at locations. >> and for those of you new to the restaurant, american food. how could you classify it. >> contemporary american. a little bit of everything. >> so what are you oing for us
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today? >> today i'm making sea scallops with a wild mushroom. that's one of our -- one of the classics of the restaurant on the -- on all four menus. >> it feels like you're moving into fall with that, a little bit. >> a little bit. >> maybe i'm just pushing the seasons a little bit. so chef farber is with us from chef jeff in tysons corner and we'll be back to make our scallops with mushrooms with asparagus. back to you. >> -- i like everything in it. i like mushrooms, asparagus and scallops, i like all food. i'll have the forecast coming up, hazy hot and humid and taking a look at hurricane bill coming up. and robber on the -- a robber on the run. that woman isn't a woman after all. we'll be back in a moment.
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top stories this midday. police are on the hunt for a person that shot a 14-year-old girl in southeast. several bullets flew through the window and one of them hit the young girl in the back. she's been treated at a local hospital and released. this scene, one of several fires in manassas, maryland, in hay fields. they've been using bulldozers to smoother the flames. three mailboxes were set ablaze. a fire marshall is investigating. a man caught breaking into an adult store. police are hoping someone can help them identify this man. they say he crawled through a vent and broke through a wall. once inside, he took money,
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electronics and several thousand porn dvds. worth between 130 and $150,000 in videos. that's in the richmond area. a high-fashion heist. montgomery county investigators were baffled. >> they had clear video of the suspect stealing a dress from saks fifth avenue but they didn't know if it was a pan or a woman they were looking for. but now the suspect has been arrested. wisdom partin has the story. >> reporter: a man dressed as a woman stealing from saks fifth avenue. once the footage aired. >> tips from citizens and law enforcement and other government entities came into the detective. he worked them, thought he had a good identity and then obtained a warrant. >> reporter: police say july 30th, 20-year-old jonathan bradley walked into saks fifth avenue dressed as a female carrying a large carry-all ba. they saw him take a chanel dress valued at approximately $2,000 from a rack and put it
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into his bag. >> when the subject was exiting, he was approached by a loss prevention officer and shortly after that, there wasn't a struggle or anything, there was just conversation, and the person -- the loss prevention officer was distracted by another person who was exiting, and at that moment, he was pepper sprayed at close range in the face, nose area. >> reporter: bradley took off running toward the train. on august 13th, during a routine traffic stop, police caught the suspt. >> dressed as a suwoan, the defendant presented i.d. that showed him to be a male. >> reporter: this montgomery ol pmutye icg coshot shows bradley dressed like a woman taken two years ago of he was convicted of tres -- after he was convicted of trespassing. according to court documents, january 15th, 2007, he was also charged with operating a
11:32 am
vehicle without a permit in d.c. march 15th, 2008, he was charged with soliciting 3rostitution in d, 29,3rd, 2009, charged with soliciting arostitution in d.c. again. h 18th, 2009, he wabeing wi bei from virginia for unauthorized use of a vehicle. wisdom martin, fox 5 news. >> bradley is now charged with theft, destruction of property and second-degree assault. >> why do you have to go from that into weather. >> i'm sorry, there's no segway. >> i'm sorry. don't steal, kids. >> i was out not long ago with you and it's getting hot. >> it is getting hazy, hot and humid. besyodi budurre aack.
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>> hazy, hot and hred.umihumid. let'start s t' iceni to-- u yotoo, ice to o, tony. >> this morning -- let's get started with our hd radar. bwe ut t ou btot ut out to the west we have showers and thunderstorms starting to bubble up. you can see them here. here in town we're fine, but out to the north and west in pennsylvania, out into west virginia now, showers and thunderstorms starting to bubble up. and we'll see if some of these don't come across the mountains into this tropical atmosphere. and if we don't see showers and thunderstorms kick up around here. so be ready for that later on today. we'll have more scattered showers and thunderstorms in the forecast. let's switch gears and get to bill because it continues to intensify. and again maximum winds, looking very impressive on ou satellite radar this morning. maximum winds up to 105 miles per hour. that is sustned winds with gusts over 110. so this storm looks more impressive with each hour. it is tracking off to the north and west and the surface
11:34 am
temperatures are even warmer. and that is the fuel that feeds the storms. so this could become a major hurricane over the next couple of days and continue to track off to the north and west. and we'll show you where that is headed and the latest information as we move on is that its webs are up to -- the winds are up to 105 miles per hour and it looks like it a tr the eastern united states and start to veer off to the north and eventually northeast. so with a little luck, it will squeeze between bermuda which is right out here and the eastern seaboard which is to the west. but either way, i -- i can guarantee we'll have large swells from the carolinas up through maryland, delaware and new jersey by this weekend. so we'll stay tune and continue to monitor the eventual path of hurricane bill over the next couple of days. our weekend getting hot quickly. 85 here in washington. 90 in fredericksberg. 89 in dulles. and high temperatures once
11:35 am
again back up into the low 90s. cold front moving in from the north and west. very slow to get here but it has the tropical moisture associated with the remnants of claudette up ahead of it. so a decent chance of scattered storms around the area and this pattern is slow to break down. and once the cold front gets here, it will fall apart across the washington area. so we'll have showers and thunderstorms in the forecast. scattered afternoon showers and thunderstorms. 91 for an afternoon high. winds out of the west at 5-10 miles per hour. and fog will develop overnight. hazy and humid overnight with lows in the 70s. there is your five-day forecast, more of the same tomorrow. thursday and friday we'll do it all over again and even saturday. now after saturday, that's a stronger cold front, so by sunday and monday of the next week here, we're going to have a little taste of autumn. i think high temperatures in the low 80s and lower humidity by sunday and monday but the next couple of days on the
11:36 am
steamy side with afternoon showers and thunderstorms. and if you go to, you can get the latest information on hurricane bill. >> a lot of folks with vacation concerns. week long back to school preparations continue with vaccines. >> what you need to know when it comes to immunizations. that's coming up. don't go anywhere. we'll be right back.
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well he died nearly two months ago now, but michael jackson will now just finally be laid to rest. according to his father, joe jackson, the king of pop will be buried at forest lawn cemetery near los angeles on august 29th. that would have been his 51st
11:40 am
birthday. his glove is hitting the auction block. this isn't like his other gloves that were made for his right hand. this left-handed glove which accompanied his dance moves on the motown 20th anniversary show is covered with a mesh of ryan stones. >> and that might make a good christmas gift for someone in your life, but if you're not thinking about christmas yet, one retailer is. sears and kmart is ving the christmas club a modern twist. as tia card -- it's a new card to use like a debit card. you can put money on the card through november and then be ready to shop in december. not a bad idea. and fox 5 heplyog in f lohelping you look for a job with our bjo b today's opening is at andrew's
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federalredit union in suitland, maryland. y 4 paun$1s an hour and health insurance and a 401k is included. for more on this job and many others go to and click on the job shop tab near the top of the home page. and if youed$1h a ornyr heo of couseling, yoll wt anto tune in tomorrow. >> we'll have a team of exerts standing by to take your job related questions. it's all tomorrow here on fox 5, but it will be on morning news. they don't have to worry about find aing -- finding a job yet, but for this year's college freshman, this might make you feel ol for most teens starting college, rap music has been mainstream, and mike tyson has been a felon. >> incoming freshman never used a card catalogue or never had to wait for an evening news to find out the news and many knew magic johnson for his hiv status before they knew he
11:42 am
played basketball. those are some of the landmarks on the beloit college mindset list. it's an annual compilation that offers the look of the world through each coming class. it's tuesday and a big day for music and dvds. a lot of material is hitting shelves today. i'll have a rundown of what is new coming up. and we'll head back over to studio b. to c u what our friends from chef jeff is cooking up today. don't go anywhere. we're coming right back. it's never too early to start saving up for christmas.
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get your christmas club card and use it... to start saving up now... and we'll add a 3% bonus to your card -- just in time to shop for christmas! yes, the christmas bonus is back! one more way to shop your way, only at kmart and sears. it's that time of the week. we look at new music and dvds hitting store shelves today. is there anything that is on your list to run out and buy. >> i'm waiting to find out your list because i rely on you every week. >> we'll start with the dvds. take a look. [ music ] >> miley cyrus' alter ego kicks
11:46 am
off new dvds this week with hannah montana the movie. as she returns to her tennessee roots with billy ray cyrus. the three disk combo pack includes a trip to the hannah montana store and seven music videos. >> i didn't have any rope. >> wes craven brings audiences back to the last house on the left as the parents of a kidnapped girl take revenge on their daughter's attackers. >> tyson puts together archive footage to examine one of boxing's most controversial figures. >> we have one job only. >> and check out patrick swayze's new movie. >> and in tv, the simpsons are up to the only shenanigans, classic episodes from the 12th
11:47 am
season. >> you did not just dothat. >> the upper side gloss up girls -- the gossip girls. >> miami serial killer with a badge, and dirty, sexy, money, leaves a final season. >> i'm most excited about the simp ton. >> the tyson movie is supposed to be great. >> i'm run out and get that today. now to the music. first of all country music star reba mcintyre is out. this is his first album in 6 years and it include the released single that you hear now, strange. let's listen to three seconds of it. third eye blind are back with a new cd, that is aggressive and
11:48 am
sometimes outwardly political. it features some of the most intense music of the band's career thus far. and shawn paul goes solo for his fourth cd imperial blaze. the album follows his 2002 double platinum certified debut which sold more than 6 million copies worldwide. that's the music rundown for today. now let's go to allison and find out what is happening in the kitchen in studio b. >> oh, tucker is so sincere. thank you, guys. we are joining our friend from chef jeff, this is chef dan farber and today we're doing scallops and risotto and asparagus and mushrooms. and tell us what you are doing now. >> we are almost finishing up the risotto pasta. it takes a good 20-30 minutes to make. >> and what you're doing now is
11:49 am
important. the stirring so it doesn't stick. >> yes. it absorbs the water and makes it nice and creamy. >> and that's why there is good risotto and that that i make at home. and what are you doing now? >> seasoning up the scallops. >> so do you need me to keep stirring. or is it okay? >> no, it's good. >> you're like multi tasking. you have a couple of things going on at one time. >> for the risotto, we'll add the mushrooms. >> what kind of mushrooms are those? > a combination of oyster and shiitake mushrooms. and we have the risotto here that is ready to go. >> this is a very -- you're making this look easy. >> we'll add water here. >> but this is really detailed,
11:50 am
isn't. >> it is very detailed. a lot of patience and time. >> about how long will you let those -- is it a searing process or do you cook those all the way through? >> no. we sear them and get them golden brown and finish them and let them finish cooking. and we'll cook them until they're about med yule -- medium well. and we'll cook them through with a nice moist center. >> for the scallops, how long would that be? >> about five minutes. so stir the risotto until it absorbs the water. >> and you didn't put any seasoning at this stage? or did we miss some steps. >> i'll finish it off when i add the butter and cheese,
11:51 am
which is what makes it nice and creamy. >> yeah. >> delicious butter. if you're going to have risotto, have it the right way. >> butter and cheese makes it creamy and flavorful. >> and some parmesan. >> it's very similar to parmesan. and salt and pepper. and then asparagus. >> nice. that is very nice. as we're moving toward adding the scallops, let me remind you that on our website, you'll find this. like i said, a details dish that you'll have to pay attention to, but the recipe is there if you do want to try it at home. for that. chef, that looks so good. finishing touches, nice and creamy. >> and that's it. and if you would like to see a
11:52 am
restaurant or recipe featured here on the midday show, drop us a line at and chef, thank you for coming in today and remind the folks at home that tucker and tony will be over here and we'll taste it in one moment. back in a minute. [ sniffs ] green, with pimento. ooh. he's good. nothing gets past him. [ sniffs ] piece of cake. [ male announcer ] kill bugs on contact without the bad smell. raid ant & roach killer is specially formulated with no lingering chemical odor. what's that? [ sniffs ] i don't smell nothing. raid! raid! raid! raid ant & roach killer kills bugs dead! with no lingering odor.
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sc johnson. a family company.
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shots, nobody likes them. but they have to have them to go back to school. >> the deadline for immunizations is coming. this morning i spoke with a pediatric specialist who shared
11:56 am
information on what parents should hear. go ahead. >> the good news is their beginning to have a lot of progress with computerized records that they keep up in someone's office so they have better reliability and access than before. >> and speaking of access and reliability, sometimes it's hard to get to a clinic. there are places that can help you with this. >> there is a good program. we have now first of all one can always call the immunize line at children's hospital. >> and we'll link that information. >> and also the department of health in the district of columbia is doing three mas immunization dates. i believe it's thursday, friday and saturday. so it's an evening on thursday and saturday and on a weekend where kids can get free immunizations to catch up. >> i i guess the major time -- i guess the major time periods are elementary school and
11:57 am
middle school. >> yes. >> and all 50 states to require this but there are some exceptions but not for philosophical reasons? >> that's correct. there are a few medical exemptions, not very many, but there are some. but one should assume their child should be getting immunizations. >> and for the viewer at home, we are showing the shots required for kindergarten and also middle school. and the best way is to get in touch with your health care provider. and let's talk about the safety issue. a lot of folks say i've read about this and i'm afraid something would happen to my child. what is the standard response that you give. >> that's an important question. there is a lot of misinformation out there and the bottom line is although every humeinize -- immunization can have minor side octobers but the -- affects but the reality is it outweighs any risk. many people in the united states think these diseases are gone so it's not worth the tiny risk but the reality is some of
11:58 am
the diseases can be deadly, can be dangerous and can have significant health impacts on the child as a result, and it's really important know the immunization benefit far outweighs any potential risk. >> has information on that. and tomorrow d.c. school chancellor michelle rhee will be our guest at 7:30 and talk about d.c. schools and the progress and what is new this year and any challenges still. >> sounds good. tucker, what is happening withthe weather is this. >> could be scattered showers and thunderstorm it's afternoon. high temperature 91 degrees, hazy hot and humid, the next couple of days. and if you want cool and dry weather, by sunday and monday we'll ha high temperatures in the low 80s with sunshine. >> so if hazy, hot and humid are three little people, how would their voices sound? >> i'm not sure. i'll work on that.
11:59 am
>> i'm hazy. >> do you think it would that high? any way -- chef jeff here, chef barber is here to make us risotto. and what are you doing now? >> just finishing touches with the balsamic vinegar and a little truffle oil. >> that is fantastic. >> isn't that pretty? >> nice presentation. >> and now we taste. it is pretty but i have to destroy. >> and risotto has become extremely popular. >> because of the movie? >> what movie. >> ratatouille. >> we like it, right? >> we love it.
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